Have a Home To Sale? Why Hire the Smith Team?


Your home is likely one of the most valuable assets you possess – trust is a key factor in who you allow to list your home.  As a potential seller, you have to be able to feel like the people who you trust your home to have a singular goal – to look out for your best interests.  There are many Real Estate Agents out there who will promise the sun and moon when trying to get a listing – but what is really important are facts and a commitment to honesty and integrity.  In that respect, it is important to interview more than just one agent and you may need to step outside your usual social circle to do so. Also, just because an Agent market’s themselves as a “top Agent” or “specialist” does not mean they are right to represent YOU and YOUR home.  You will be working closely with whomever you choose and you want that person to be someone who you can get along with and trust.  It does not hurt to interview multiple agents, what does hurt is going along with the Status Quo and regretting it later.


The Real Estate Market is changing rapidly and you want someone who is on top of what is going on in your community.  What is the current state of the market? What is the community forecast?  What buyers are expected to want to reside in your community?  Knowledge about the market that your home is in is important – more important than that is the ability and willingness to learn.  The last thing you need is an Agent that “knows it all” and has long stopped learning.  Ask questions, expect a detailed listing presentation.  You deserve only the best for someone who will responsible for your home.


Any Agent that truly wants to work with a seller will have a strategy ready when coming to a listing appointment.  How will the home be marketed and to whom?  What price will be competitive in this environment and why?  What outlets will be utilized to sell your home? Do the Agents have the connections to make it possible to attract a wide market for your home?  You have to spend money to make money – are the Agents willing to spend money marketing your home?  Will there be a professional photographer? Will there be marketing materials? Will your home be staged?  Will your home be listed in all the popular real estate marketing outlets?  All these factors are important when you consider whether you want your home to be sold in a timely fashion or whether it will sit on the market for months.   You need an Agent that is smart, savvy and a tough negotiator when need be – someone who you can depend on to get the job done. Ask yourself – what will your Agent do for you?


You will need an Agent committed to you and your home as if you are the only client that they have.  The last thing you will want is for your calls to go straight to voice mail or an assistant to show up to your door on Open House day.  You need a Team that is available and willing to be there when you need them.  Commitment requires that the Agent see the deal through to the end – no matter what it takes.  Commitment means an agent who has a network that you can call on when you need a new roof, your items need to be moved into storage, you need a new coat of paint or your floor needs to be redone. Commitment is being there when you need them – at all points in the transaction.

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